Book Topsy And Tim Make A New Friend

Katherine Valentine Hannon
• writer    • editor    • tutor    • marketing consultant
"She has a way with words."

We've all heard this expression, but what does it really mean? And what can it mean for you?

Whether you are:
  • A student in high school or college striving for academic success
  • An aspiring writer seeking a savvy editor and inspirational coach
  • A small business owner hoping to thrive in a tough economy
  • A professional working your way up the corporate ladder
  • An administrator of a worthy non-profit hoping to make your organization shine

I'm Katherine Valentine Hannon, and I'd love to share my way with words with you. I've been writing professionally for over thirty years. I'd be honored to help you find your voice and shape your message to reflect your true nature and goals.

"A way with words" means more than hitting the marks for grammar and punctuation. Words matter. The choices we make in word selection, style, tone, organization and content can mean the difference between mediocrity and achievement.

Words are beautiful; they give your thoughts life. Let me help you find your way through the writing labyrinth and emerge into the bright light of fulfilling self-expression and effective communication.

Or allow me to express for you what you don't have the time or ability to say yourself. Together, we can make your business, organization, academic career or writing shine.

Book Topsy And Tim Make A New Friend

by Edith 3.9

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